The Shark Reef was opened in the begining of 2002 to provide Kitsap County with the best saltwater fish, corals, and inverts. Our stocklist changes weekly as we provide only the best stock from around the world including Jakarta, Fiji, Bali, Philippines, Red Sea, Hawaii, and the Florida Keys to name a few. We have a friendly and knowledgeable atmosphere and are ready to help you in any way possible. Take a look around, there's always more to come!!!
The Shark Reef was started by Owner/Operator Eric Morgensen. It began as a hobby which later became a dream to open his own store. With help from his friends Trent and Brooks Casper he was able to work in their store "The Painted Fish" in Orem, Utah while Eric was working on his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies at Brigham Young University. After acquiring his degree he and his family moved back to their hometown of Bremerton, WA and began working on their new store. 
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Tanks in the store include 10 - 75 gallon fish only tanks + 1 - 125 gallon, 8 - 75 gallon reef tanks, 4 - 75 gallon live rock tanks, 1 - 50 gallon cubical invert tank,  1 -156 gallon display tank, and 1 - 700 gallon shark tank.

Eric Morgensen, Trent and Brooks Casper.
Our store is NOW located on Munson Street behind the 76/Circle K Gas Station in Silverdale near old town. For full directions please go to the contact us page. Thanks!!!
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